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Reclaimed water for orange orchards in Sagunto (Valencia, Spain)

4 June, 2050

Reclaimed water for orange orchards in Sagunto (Valencia, Spain)

Sagunto waste water treatment plant

Waste water source

The water originates from the Sagunto wastewater treatment plant.

Distribution System

There are pressurized pipes from the WWTP to the filter plant and water is pumped into a water reservoir (of a volume of 10,000 m3) before it enters the Irrigators communities network. After this water (reclaimed) is into the system, it is mixed with other water sources and kept in 2 water reservoirs.

Farming system

Orchards with orange trees.

Waste water treatment description

Nutrient removal : Decantation and prolonged aeration
Pesticide removal : none
Disinfection : none
Suspended solids removal : Physical sieves and a degreaser
Other : The wastewater treatment plant involves a primary and secondary treatment as described below. No tertiary treatment or disinfection is provided.


Each day 4,461 m³ of municipal wastewater is treated, which correlates to 8,573 population equivalents.

Extent of the agricultural beneficiaries

The reclaimed water is used for the irrigation of 2,800 hectares, divided over 3,070 farmers.


The total implementation cost was 18 million euros. No information about the cost of the water was provided.

Type of agreement

There is an agreement with the Regional Government of Valencia and with the River basin Authority of Jucar river for the use of reclaimed water.

Scientific results

Additional information




Type of initiative
Private initiative
Waste water source
Waste water treatment
Nutrient removal, Suspended solids removal
Farming system
Permanent crops
Application use
Irrigation of food crops to be eaten raw, Irrigation of processed food crops
Irrigation method
Drip irrigation
Implementation stage