Our Main Outcomes

SUWANU EUROPE project has produced abundant materials to support our objective of extending water reuse practices in Europe and beyond.  These materials shall enable an effective exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills between practitioners and relevant actors involved in water reuse for agricultural irrigation. This knowledge will boost the implementation of technological and organizational solutions all around Europe and thus result in a more resilient agricultural sector, able to effectively cope with water scarcity and climate change effects.

Achieved impacts

Collection and distribution of easily accessible practice-oriented knowledge.
Development of “practice abstracts” in the common EIP-AGRI format and audio-visual material.
Conserve the practical knowledge for the long term - beyond the project period - using the main trusted dissemination channels which farmers/foresters consult most often, and also serve education and training purposes.
Increase the flow of practical information between farmers/foresters in Europe in a geographically balanced way, creating spill-overs and taking account of the differences between territories.
Achieve greater user acceptance of collected solutions and a more intensive dissemination of existing knowledge.