Antwerp and Limburg (Belgium)

Antwerp and Limburg are two provinces located in the northeast of Flanders (Belgium). The region includes some compact cities (Antwerp, Mechelen and Hasselt). The landscape is characterised by highly dispersed suburban zones although some regions with dominant agriculture and forestry still prevail. Both provinces are characterised by a high (Limburg 364.5 inhabitants/km2) to very high (Antwerp 658 inhabitants/km2) population density. This reason together with the relatively moderate supply of surface water explain the area’s low water availability (1.100 - 1.700 m³ water per capita). Intensive pig and poultry farming and the dairy production are important agricultural sectors in both provinces. Furthermore, vegetable production in greenhouses prevails in the region between the cities Mechelen and Antwerp, while fruit production characterises the Southern part of the province. Pressure on the groundwater resources and deviating precipitation patterns are predicted to further increase in the future. Today reclaimed water in agriculture is only used in exceptional occasions, but is seen as a high potential alternative for the future – especially in cultures of potato and vegetables. Belgian cluster: PSKW

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