Occitanie (France)

Occitanie is the second largest French mainland region with 72 724 km2 and 5 830 200 inhabitants. This wide region has a rich variety of landscapes including mountains (Pyrenées and Massif central) and 220 km of Mediterranean coastline. Occitanie also rank second as French farming region. Agriculture is also different and specialized according to the territory landscape such as livestock in mountainous areas, grapes for wine production on the Mediterranean rim and cereals and maize in the Garonne plain. Some areas are already heavily irrigated (corn production in Garonne plain) while others experience a growing need for irrigation (vineyards production). There are only few reclaimed water reuse projects throughout the region, most of them are pilots or research based. However, with over 3 000 WWTP, Occitanie has a tremendous opportunity to promote reclaimed water reuse.

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