Compile the existing knowledge on water reuse has been one of our main goals, to promote its promotion and use as a tool in the development and implementation of reclaimed water in agriculture, as the Lessons learned from pioneers countries and Lighthouses initiatives on water reuse.

Lessons Learned from Cyprus & Israel

This section includes an analysis of the reasons behind the high rate of water reuse in both Israel and Cyprus, both located along the Mediterranean and practice reclamation for agriculture at rates far exceeding the regional average. To identify best practices that can lead to increased reuse and assess the reasons behind the successful reuse in both countries, 16 fact sheets were created to cover various aspects of reuse, 8 fact sheets created by each country. Each factsheet represents a necessary component underpinning Israel and Cyprus success stories. Therefore, factsheets should not be seen isolated but as a whole knowledge package that can be only transferred if other aspects are also taken into account.

Lighthouses projects

These factsheets compile practice abstracts of lighthouse projects on water reuse