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Production and use of Waters for Reuse (ApR) in Alentejo irrigation

4 June, 2050

Production and use of Waters for Reuse (ApR) in Alentejo irrigation


Waste water source

The urban wastewater comes from the WWTP of Beja (Alentejo).

Distribution System

This distribution system consists in one mainline and one container.

Farming system

A pomegrate tree orchard recieves reclaimed water by drip irrigation.

Waste water treatment description

Nutrient removal : Solar concentrators are being used to firstly disinfect the water. But in some tests there was an overall improvement in the quality of the treated effluent, transmittance and COD.
Pesticide removal : none
Disinfection : In the REUSE project, the Beja WWTP pilot case is testing disinfection with solar technology. Concentrating panels of the solar radiation for disinfection by action of UV radiation and thermal action.
Suspended solids removal : Suspended solids are removed by filtration.


The capacity of the WWTP 32,750 equivalent inhabitants, which corresponds in this case to about 4,830 m³/day. The experimental disinfection unit reaches a flow rate of 5 m³/day.

Extent of the agricultural beneficiaries

One farm (with pomegranate orchards) is irrigated with reclaimed water within the framework of a demonstration pilot of 0.5 ha.


Funding is done by Fundo Ambiental. The cost of the reclaimed water is yet unknown.

Type of agreement

Scientific results

Following results have been found out of the projects own research:

-The feasibility of using solar equipment in tests for solar disinfection of urban wastewater for irrigation purposes was verified.

- Laboratory and pilot tests have achieved load reduction values consistent with the quality objectives required for practical use.

- High synergistic effect on wastewater disinfection with UVA and UVB radiation, and the infrared radiation that increases the water temperature, accelerating the disinfection process.

- The temperatures reached through the panels have considerably reduced the disinfection times required.

Additional information

- REUSE concerns a demonstration pilot for reclaiming water using technologies of treatment to reduce operational cost and increase its use in the irrigation activity.
- Installation of a demonstration pilot at the interface of urban wastewater treatment infrastructures with irrigation infrastructures to clarify the dynamics of the barriers created by the dilution and transport of the water to the irrigation perimeter.
- Promotion of a communication and awareness campaign for the need to promote water use efficiency in the irrigation activity and demonstration of success cases in the reuse of water in this economic activity.

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Type of initiative
Private initiative, Demonstration initiative
Waste water source
Waste water treatment
Nutrient removal, Desinfection, Suspended solids removal
Farming system
Permanent crops
Application use
Irrigation of food crops to be eaten raw
Irrigation method
Drip irrigation
Implementation stage