DELIVERABLE 2.1 Report on SWOT and PEST analyses for implementation of reuse practices

The objective of this document is to identify drivers and barriers for the further implementation of water reuse using the SWOT and PEST methodologies. The SWOT and PEST analyses are based on the results of previous tasks, specifically on the characterization of the water reuse sector of the 8 target regions in Deliverable 1.1. Consequently, the SWOT and PEST analyses have a regional scope and are the basis for the implementation strategies in each target region.

This document is a step further in the regional diagnosis previous to the strategy development enabling to structure the key factors identified during the characterization and leading to the further definition of objectives and priority actions of the action plans.

SWOT and PEST analyses for water reuse in agriculture have been carried out for the 8 project regions: Andalusia in Spain, Region of Braunschweig in Germany, Flanders in Belgium, Alentejo in Portugal, Thessaloniki province in Greece, Occitan in France, Plovdiv province in Bulgaria and region of Po river basin in Italy.

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