DELIVERABLE 2.2 Stakeholder and AKIS assesment

The Deliverable 2.2 reflects the stakeholder consultation carried out in order to gather, process and evaluate information of stakeholders with a role in the water reuse and agricultural sectors. This work enables the identification of stakeholders and the assessment of their knowledge, interests, influence, existing and potential alliances and conflicts, impact of their activity, etc. Specific attention has been paid to the identification of the effective communication channels used by each stakeholder in each region.

The different stakeholders are thereby characterized and classified according to those parameters/aspects in a stakeholder matrix. The final output of this task is a data base of key stakeholders that will be used in the definition of action plans (Task 2.6) and in drawing up the communication plan.

The stakeholder analysis has been completed by an AKIS analysis intended to understand the structure and processes for knowledge transfer and innovation.

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