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Treatment container provides reclaimed water for vegetables in Flanders

4 June, 2050

Treatment container provides reclaimed water for vegetables in Flanders

'AWAIR' - gezuiverd AfvalWater voor IRrigatie

Waste water source

The water comes from the WWTP of Sint-Amands (in the Province of Antwerp).

Distribution System

The treated waste water is pumped from the WWTP to a little cubitainer. From there it goes trough the reclamation treatment installed in a container. The reclaimed water is subsequently stored in a larger reservoir of 50m³. The farmer can use this water volume to irrigate it's field of one hectare through a drip irrigation system.

Farming system

During the growing season of 2020, the reclaimed water was provided to one fennel field. In 2021, leek will be cultivated on this parcel. The irrigation water is applied with drip irrigation.

Waste water treatment description

The reclamation treatment is provided after the waste water treatment. The treatment technology is installed in a container in an initial phase as it has the benefits of investigating various treatment trains and easily transportable. The first year of demonstration the treatment train with a sand filter, active carbon and H2O2 was tested. The main focus of the water treatment lies on the disinfection in order to reduce the E.coli as to comply to the European regulation.
The disinfection provided in the first year of investigation (summer of 2020) was hydrogenperoxide (H202). The effects on the dosis on the E. coli was studied.
In the subsequent year, other disinfection treatments will be tested and evaluated.


The treatment container's capacity amounts 4,5m³/h.

Extent of the agricultural beneficiaries

In the first year, the demonstration took place on a field of one hectare. The WWTP is located in an agricultural area, and there is potential to supply water to more than 20 hectares of irrigated vegetable fields in the nearby surrounding of 500m.



The treatment costs and distribution costs will be defined by the end of 2021.

Scientific results

Type of agreement

This demonstration and research takes place within the context of an Operationale Group in which Aquafin (WWTP operator), The Research Station for the Vegetable Production (PSKW) and Vlakwa cooperate with trhee farmers in the surroundings of the WWTP of Sint-Amands.




Type of initiative
Research initiative, Demonstration initiative, Operational group
Waste water source
Waste water treatment
Pesticide removal, Nutrient removal, Desinfection
Farming system
Arable land
Application use
Irrigation of food crops to be eaten raw
Irrigation method
Drip irrigation
Implementation stage