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Sub irrigation system supplies wastewater from beer brewery

4 June, 2050

Sub irrigation system supplies wastewater from beer brewery

BoerBierWater - F2Agri

Waste water source

The treated residual water from beer brewery Bavaria is used as the water source for sub-irrigation. Measurements of the effluent indicated high concentrations of sodium, phosphate and chromium.

Distribution System

The water is delivered by a controlled level sub irrigation system. This system is composed of subsurface drains connected to each other by a collector drain.

Farming system

The pilot study involves installing a drainage pipe system on a parcel of grassland.

Waste water treatment description

Nutrient removal : none
Pesticide removal : none
Disinfection : none
Suspended solids removal : none
Other :  The quality of the water was measured in front of the project and it was found to be sufficiënt for the irrigation of grassland.


The F2Agri project aims to put 1.5 hm³ effluent from the beer brewery company Bavaria at the disposal of farmers.

Extent of the agricultural beneficiaries

The initial set up involves one farm with a grassland parcel of 8.5 ha.


The cost of the drainage system are 2,500 €/ha.

Type of agreement

A cooperation is set up to discuss the construction, maintenance, management and the distribution of the water. This cooperation was named BoerBierWater. The cooperation consists of local farmers, brewery Bavaria, ZLTO, the municipality of laarbeek, Waterschap Aa & Maas, Agrifirm and the local banc Rabobank.

An animated movie can be found through this link (Dutch only)

Scientific results

Scientific Reports:

Bartholomeus, R., van Loon, A., & van Huijgevoort, M. (2018). Hergebruik van industrieel restwater voor de watervoorziening van de landbouw. Retrieved from www.kwrwater.nl

The results shows that sub irrigation raises the depth of the water table so the moisture provision for the crop is improved.

Additional information




Type of initiative
Research initiative, Demonstration initiative
Waste water source
Food processing Industry
Farming system
Arable land
Application use
Livestock drinking
Irrigation method
Sub-surface irrigation
Implementation stage