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Torrevieja waste water treatment plant. Irrigators Community of Margen Derecha of Segura River

4 June, 2050

Torrevieja waste water treatment plant. Irrigators Community of Margen Derecha of Segura River

Waste water source

The Irrigators Community is using reclaimed water from 3 WWTPs that treat municipal wastewater.

Distribution System

There is a pipe system from the WWTP with direct distribution into the Irrigators Communities network to the farming plots.

Farming system

Drip irrigation is used in an intensive agricultural system. Commonly grown cultures are orchards (citrus) and vegetables (artichoke, lettuce, tomato, pepper, ..., ).

Waste water treatment description

Nutrient removal : Filtration by physical sieves, degreasing and decanting
Pesticide removal : Ultraviolet and ozone
Disinfection : UV disinfection
Suspended solids removal : Filtration and coagulation
Other :


The capacities of the three different WWTPs are 5,000 ; 2,500 and 1,500 m³/day.

Extent of the agricultural beneficiaries

3,433 hectares of land is irrigated with reclaimed water, divided over 460 farmers.


The members of the irrigators community pay on average 0.2 €/m³ for all sources of water. In this case, the irrigators community mixes several water sources: from surface water, ground water, reclaimed water, transfer water from Tagus-Segura river, and in  very dry periods, from desalinated water plants. The cost is an average of all these water sources.

Type of agreement

The farmers are grouped into an irrigation community called 'Margen Derecha of Segura River' There is an agreement between the Irrigators Community and the River Basin Authority of Segura river to use reclaimed water.

Scientific results

Additional information




Type of initiative
Private initiative
Waste water source
Waste water treatment
Pesticide removal, Nutrient removal, Desinfection, Suspended solids removal
Farming system
Permanent crops
Application use
Irrigation of food crops to be eaten raw, Irrigation of processed food crops
Irrigation method
Drip irrigation
Implementation stage
Full implementation