DELIVERABLE 2.6 Development of Regional Action Plans

This deliverable concerns the creation of the Regional Action Plans (RAPs) for the geographical clusters of the 8 target areas which were defined in SuWaNu Europe project.

The Regional Action Plans consist of sets of area-specific actions that aim to over-come the barriers as opposed in terms of water reuse in agriculture. As water reuse can provide a valuable asset to increased availability and effective use of water resources, these RAPs provide the main issues identified from SuWaNu Europe regional analyses of priority issues that stand in the way of successful implementation of water reuse.

The RAPs provide details on the ways in which lessons learned from the cooperation among SuWaNu Europe consortium, the outcomes of the Regional Working Group's elaboration and the Participatory Workshops can be explored and horizontally ap-plied towards the general goal of the improvement of the practice of water reuse within the Europe-an region.

Policy brief: Governance
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