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Experimenal site of Murviel-lès-Montpellier

4 June, 2050

Experimenal site of Murviel-lès-Montpellier

Waste water source

The reclaimed water originates from the domestic wastewater from Murviel-lès-Montpellier. The wastewater treatment plant is operated by SUEZ.

Distribution System

A lagoon is used as storage. There is also a 4 m³ container for temporary storage of small volumes. The water is distributed with pressurized pipes having a total length of just less than 1 km.

Farming system

The experimental site contains various cropping systems. There are vegetables eaten raw such as salad or leek. They are grown on a raised bed under glass, as well as fruit trees (olive trees) and vineyards.

Waste water treatment description

Nutrient removal : none
Pesticide removal : none
Disinfection : Micro-filtration
Suspended solids removal : Lagoon based system
Other :


The daily amount of cleaned water is around 200 m³.

Extent of the agricultural beneficiaries

The experiment concerns two experimental sites: one plot where water is applied under controlled conditions (soil tanks) and an agriculture field under real conditions of 0.5 ha.


No information available.

Type of agreement

Seen the explorational status of the initiative, a consortium agreement was made between the project partners.

Scientific results

Several experiences have been carried out regarding

(1) Agronomic performance of wastewater irrigation on lettuce and leek as well as crops and soil contamination by the reclaimed water
(2) Biofouling formation in drip irrigation system using reclaimed water

Ait-Mouheb, N., & Wery, N. (2019). Urban raw or treated wastewater drip-irrigation for lettuces and leeks crops: chemical and microbiological properties of soil and plants. 12th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse. https://doi.org/10.1016/0261-2194(96)00033-6

Lequette, K., Ait-Mouheb, N., & Wéry, N. (2019). Drip irrigation biofouling with treated wastewater: bacterial selection revealed by high-throughput sequencing. Biofouling, 35(2), 217–229. https://doi.org/10.1080/08927014.2019.1591377


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Type of initiative
Research initiative
Waste water source
Waste water treatment
Desinfection, Suspended solids removal
Farming system
Permanent crops
Application use
Irrigation of food crops to be eaten raw, Irrigation of processed food crops
Irrigation method
Sub-surface irrigation, Drip irrigation
Implementation stage