DELIVERABLE 1.2 Report on existing research initiatives and main dissemination channels

The Deliverable 1.2 of the SUWANU EUROPE project is a large collection of water reuse initiatives specifically intended for agricultural irrigation in Europe. Besides their identification and geographical distributions, information has been retrieved on initiatives’ size, implementation stage, water sources, farming systems, irrigation methods, water reclamation treatments, distribution systems, costs, user agreements, etc. A total of 79 initiatives has been mapped, from which 58 detailed in information sheets. The outcome can be consulted in an online database, accessible on the Data Base section of the SUWANU EUROPE project website.

An analysis of the collected initiatives has been performed, providing insights on the nature of water reclamation projects for agricultural use in Europe. The report includes overview maps of the following topics: size, implementation stage, reclamation source, agricultural end-use, water reclamation treatment.

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