One of the most important goals of SUWANU EUROPE is the fooster the transfer of practical knowledge on water reuse. This activity has led to identify a group of the most relevant "knowledge assets" necessary to implement a safe use of reclaimed water in agriculuture. The SUWANU EUROPE consortium has worked to gather all this knowledge and summarize it into 6 different info-packages (IP), each of them containg 5 specific fact-sheets (FS) covering different topics. In particular:

  • The info-packages (IP) are tailored to satisfy the knowledge needs of the main target groups of actors identified in SUWANU EUROPE project: farmers, agricultural advisory groups, water reclamation operators, water engineers, authorities, consumers and general public.
  • The fact-sheets (FS) containg a summary of the findings, insights and practical solutions from research projects and success stories focused on the use of reclaimed water in agriculture. They are conceived to be easily used in courses, conferences and workshops, and contain the bibliographic references to allo a further search on the topic described.

Moreover, a dedicated E-learning platform will soon be released containing several online courses on wastewater, water treatment and water reuse in agriculture. To reach a broader audience, course will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Flemish, German, Bulgarian and Greek. We will inform you as soon as they are being published.